Driving Support for Animals in Monterey

SPCA Monterey County’s participation in Cartober marked a significant step in leveraging vehicle donations to support its mission of enhancing the well-being of animals in the community. Noel Freitas, SPCA Monterey County’s Development Manager, played a crucial role in steering the organization toward embracing the potential of their vehicle donation program.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Program

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Upon Noel's arrival at SPCA Monterey County in 2021, the organization had a pre-existing program, but there was limited focus on developing vehicle donations as a sustainable revenue stream. Drawing on her background in public media and her experience managing a vehicle donation program, Noel recognized the untapped potential of this revenue source with the right marketing efforts. Reflecting on this, Noel stated, “I definitely hear from a lot of people that this is just some passive revenue stream, but I think after putting a little effort into marketing the program, you’ll see so many returns. With my background, I knew how much revenue we could have to further our mission if we put just a little bit of extra effort into it, and CARS made it super easy to do that.”

So, Noel went to work. She began laying the foundation for the organization’s vehicle donation marketing efforts by streamlining the donation process, developing a communications strategy, and creating engaging content to resonate with supporters. While her initiatives were underway, the opportunity to become a Cartober Featured Nonprofit emerged. With the continuous momentum of her vehicle donation marketing efforts and the additional exposure from Cartober, Noel was confident that contributions would begin to flow in. Expressing her optimism, she said, "I went into the Cartober campaign hopeful. I knew that if folks just knew about the program and possibly were in the position to make that donation, they would be able to put two-and-two together and maybe donate to SPCA Monterey County."

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Strategies for the Cartober Campaign

  • Email Marketing: Two dedicated emails were sent to their email list of supporters, providing a direct channel to engage potential donors.
  • Social Media Blitz: Regular posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook leveraged storytelling techniques, emphasizing the potential impact of vehicle donations on the organization's mission.
  • Local Business Collaboration: SPCA Monterey County reached out to local businesses, fostering community involvement and raising awareness of the Cartober Campaign.

The synergy , yielding over $14,000 in vehicle donation revenue for the nonprofit. With respect to utilizing their vehicle donation funds, Noel highlighted the heightened need at SPCA Monterey County’s pet food banks. She emphasized, "Particularly right now, during the holiday season, we've seen a huge demand for assistance at our pet food banks. So, we will be providing thousands of pounds of food for the pets in our community."

Sustaining Cartober’s Success

After the success of SPCA Monterey County’s Cartober campaign, Noel is determined to sustain the momentum gained from Cartober by exploring additional avenues to enhance the online presence and community outreach for their vehicle donation program. As for SPCA Monterey County’s plans to participate in Cartober 2024, Noel enthusiastically expressed, “Definitely! On my list. It’s on the calendar already!” As she continues to steer the success of SPCA Monterey County's vehicle donation initiatives, her commitment to making a positive impact in the community remains a driving force.